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What are they?

Limited time "mini" sessions. These are perfect for those who are interested in a Boudoir Experience but aren't ready to take the leap for the full thing yet,  whether that is cost, anxiousness, time, etc. 

You will get a Boudoir Experience on a smaller scale. Still get pampered with professional make up and 30-40 minutes of shooting with me!




What age are these for?

Boudoir sessions are for any woman over the age of 21!


Do I bring anything?

You will need to bring your own lingerie as well as any shoes or jewelry if you wish to wear some. I personally love the simplicity and focus on the body without shoes and jewelry. 


What is the cost?

These limited mini sessions include makeup, 5 digital images, and a $75 product credit for $525


What should I wear?

A lingerie set that you feel beautiful in! My client closet is not included for these sessions, however, I am happy to help you pick something for yourself!


How should I prepare?

  • If you don't want it to show in your photos then shave it, wax it, remove it however you like. If you don't shave, we respect that too and you can skip this step.

  • Check for chipped polish on fingers and toes and fix it, treat yourself to a mani/pedi if you are able 

  • Don't wear tight fitting clothes or anything that will leave lines or marks on the skin.

  • No spray tan before your session! Give it a few days to settle if you do decide to as it makes you look more orange in photos and I cannot fix this during editing.

  • Hydrate!

  • Curling your hair looks best in my opinion! If thats not something you normally do make sure you practice before the day of.

  • Moisturize!

  • Stretch!

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