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What are they?

Personality Portraits are some of my absolute favorite portraits! They are so fun and simple, capturing your kiddos personality as they are right now. Kids grow so fast and these portraits capture their face and their current stage because they WILL change so quickly! These changes seem to happen so slowly and yet in the blink of an eye. 

During Personality Portraits we create an environment that allows your child to be whatever they want. They can be silly. They can be serious. They can yell. They can pout. 

Every kid is unique and we want to celebrate what makes them special!

These portraits are stripped down mini sessions done on white backgrounds and delivered in black and white. All the focus is on your child, no distractions... timeless.

Personality portraits were born from a personal project to gift beautiful, silly photos to my Mother in Law of all of her grandchildren! This will definitely become a tradition that we will update regularly for her, myself, and my sister in laws. 




What age are these for?

Starting as young as around 6-9 months (as long as they can sit up on their own!) to around 10 years is recommended! However, older kids are always welcome!


What should my child wear?

A plain shirt with no patterns, logos, or graphics/images. The goal is to keep the focus on your child's facial expressions!


Do I bring anything?

Remember, the goal is to focus on your child's facial expressions! However, if your child has a special lovey you would like to incorporate you are more than welcome to!


What is the cost?

These limited edition Personalty Portraits are $299 and include 9 digital images delivered via an online gallery in black and white. Siblings are an additional $150 per child. Prints/canvases/wall art are available for purchase through the online gallery.

*If booking for multiple children please contact after booking the first child.


How should I prepare?

Make sure to clean your child's face right before your session time. I recommend bringing your clean, plain shirt with you and putting it on just before (you know, toddlers). Give your child a heads up on what is happening! "You're going to get your picture taken. It'll only be a few minutes and I will be right there the whole time! You'll get to sit on a stool and be silly, serious, smiley...whatever you want!"

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